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What is customer segmentation analysis? How can I do that?

Data collected by Google Analytics is a good starting point, but there are many other tools to be able to get more useful information for internal analysis (customer base) and for anonymous users (guest).

Here are some of the most…

According to a Marketo study, almost 50% of companies that invested in marketing automation achieved a return on investment within the first 2 to 6 months, while 76% of companies achieved a return on investment within the first 7 to 12 months.

Once you understand your customer behaviour you can…

Marketing does not work in silos.

When the work in the team begins, it evolves with the product, customer support, sales, and operations team and becomes the core of the business.

The reason marketing is still vital because impact in any stage of the funnel increasing sales, attracting new customers, generating potential customers, increasing brand awareness…

In this article, I will show you how to merge data from different sources, using information provided by Google Analytics and merging them in Google Data Studio.

Let’s start with the first Google product! Open the e-commerce analytics and click on administration link, at the bottom left of the side…

User experience is more important than ever to success for a profitable online business. Customer Experience determines how customers speak or write about your company. What can be done to make sure it is positive? How can you create repeatable and personalized experiences?

This guide focuses on the main aspects…

Acquire New Customers and Generate x5 sales through Data Analysis

The Problem

I worked on in 2014 (it seems so much time has passed since then) on Primo Taglio, a spinoff of Amodio Group SpA. Unfortunately, some of the materials and automation schemes were lost over time, but I remember well, the…

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After defining what the RFM analysis is standing for, and how you can apply it to your Customer Base, I want to show you how to apply it on Shopify orders data.

A brief introduction to anticipate some doubts, such as:

  • Why should we use RFM analysis?
  • What kind of information can be obtained by using it?
  • How do I increase the Conversion Rate or AOV (Average Order Value) using customer segmentation and RFM analysis?

I answered to some other questions, in…

Using Google Analytics, we can analyze our customer behaviors based on their interests, commonly features through clicks, time on page, bounce rate, custom events, etc. and their behaviors as shoppers, such as add to basket, average product quantity basket, LTV, AOV, etc.

All this information, if your Google Analytics is…

Think about a percentage of your existing customers is actually being inactive and another part was lost. Do you know how much big is this part into your database?

Sending a message tailored to the customer group will generate much higher conversions.

Isn’t that right? Isn’t that should be?

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This article is focussed on explaining of:

  • Decide how “sensitive” an experiment should be
  • Estimate how long an experiment will take
  • Prioritize the experiments

Decide how “sensitive” an experiment shoud be

Once you decide on a hypothesis, you’ll design an experiment. How many variations to test? They are based on your expertise to generate enough data to…

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