Understand and take action on your business data through the Google Analytics account

A screenshot of Intelligence Dashboard // First section of Overview data representations

It’s really important to have at hand, the main KPIs of your online business to act in real-time restricting potential losses or create marketing strategies that bring greater results.

For this reason, I decided to create a simple product that can meet these needs, but above all to be able to have suggestions in real-time concerning the data represented.

I created a simple MVP that represents in 4 slides, the most important KPIs represented in different graphs in the main areas of an online business:

  • Overview
  • Marketing
  • Customers
  • Products

I created a landing page to allow sharing of the dashboard and to be able to ask for feedback on where to use it.

A screenshot of Intelligence Dashboard // First section of Customers data

If you are interested in use this product as beta customer for free, please follow me on twitter to be notified when it’ll be online.

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