Understand and identify the conversion rate issues

Implement right products and use right metrics to solve
the conversion rate issues.

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If you like to understand how you can read analytics KPI that interesting the common anxieties issues (I wrote an article about this), you should divide the issues in 2 different types: features and ux issues.


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Being in the same market segment it’s assumed that your customers behaviour could be the same, but a different communications or value proposition require you to analyze if this assumption should be true.

It’s not a simple copy and paste :)

Before allocate the budget for develop the feature/s, you should consider to do a market research trought surveys on ecommerce. Doing the right questions, at your customers, you should understand and avoid expensive mistakes.

I usually use:

These two products allow you create surveys (on your ecommerce) and showing them only when a specific customer behaviour is verified. It’s a strong feature to commonly used to collect customer behaviour insights too.

Once you run some surveys, you understand if allocate the budget for covering the gap features.


The main steps which you should constantly have to monitor are:

  • Homepage TO Product
  • Homepage TO Sign Up
  • Product TO Cart TO Checkout
  • Product TO checkout (if you have the CTA for Buy Now)

All these process steps are monitored throught specific pixels to implement on your ecommerce, before proceed analyzing these steps. Once you installed and well configured the tool, you can read the drop-off percentage on the different pages and see where the conversion rate goes down for the most.

One of some pretty features, available in some the products listed below, give you watching the user navigation going deep inside the issue and makes you able understand the reason why you’re losing money. For a better analyzing the drop-off you can filter the user navigation by device, localization, language and so on.

A lot of the following companies could implement a personalized settings on your ecommerce to be able to track and show specific data of your users or connection from their customer ID to your own.


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How can we do the testing? You need to split your ecommerce traffic into different version, showing to some customers the version A (where there’s the new feature) and some others the version B (the stable one).

You decide to run the test for a month or some weeks, it depends on your traffic and when, the collected information, are satisfiable to understand which is the champion variant.

Usually, I use these two products:

I wrote this article to help you to identify the conversion rate issues with through some simple methods and products.

I help Companies to Uplift E-Commerce Sales using Data Mining, CRO, Advanced Marketing Automation and Sales Funnels that works — Hyper Personalization

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