The 3 ecommerce anxiety peaks

Alex Genovese
2 min readMay 21, 2019


How to fight and win the most commonly frictions in ecommerce market.

Many companies pull together their marketing and e-commerce teams and brainstorm different ways to create an exiting“engaging customer experiences”. They think some other ways to promote new products or offers to the right customers at the right time; there isn’t something wrong with this.

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But, outside the numbers and their correlations with communications and creative assets, we have to think that in the other side of the screen, there are humans being: maybe they want to store more than one address or credit cards or they would like to talk before proceed to checkout.

These precious informations could be acquired using cool tools born to cover these common questions:

  • Hotjar
  • Survey Monkey

Try to think like a customer and act like a marketer

When you navigate an ecommerce, your brain is involved thinking 3 latent questions, for the most: is this the right product for me, is it the best offer could I find online and some ux stuff that complicate the buying. The most common mistake is not to prevent these anxieties, turning the conversion rate slowly down.

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How could be solved these anxieties?

I’ll try to explain in a very simple way how can you improve the conversion rate fixing in pills.

1. Am I choosing the right product?

  • Product comparison
  • Size Guide
  • Reviews

2. Is this the best place to buy from?

  • Free returns
  • Free deliveries
  • Delivery timing
  • Trust: safe ecommerce badges

3. Will the purchase be complicated?

  • Fix UX common issues
  • Create a one page checkout
  • Assist your customer through live chat



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